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General description and introduction

A wide selection of products for different needs as commercial laundries, cleaners, self-service laundries, nursing homes, restaurants, hospitals, nurseries and many more.

  • High spin washing machine of heavy duty construction, available load capacities from 11 to 55 kg
  • Frequency controlled motor and freely programmable control
  • Spring-system with shock absorbers ensuring minimal vibration and low-noise operation
  • integrated higher frame (for models PCF 111, 141, 171), for easy drain and mop filter
  • Top soap dispenser with the possibility of connections for liquid detergents and also, front extractable dosing hopper (for models from PCF 251 to 552)
  • Inner and outer drum are made from stainless steel material (quality AISI 304), with flat hole perforated ribs and a possibility of COOL DOWN system for very sensitive materials (avoiding “thermic shocks”)
  • High G factor
  • Perforated inner drum made for long lifetime, ensuring high G-force
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Fully programmable controls with different languages selection, freely programmable
  • Possibility of monitoring via Hygiene Monitoring Software System
  • Low consumption
  • Different models are available with dual drain valves and Automatic Weighing System for water and detergent saving solutions